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Custom Shop Bodies - Figured Wood

Nothing sets off your body like a beautiful figured top. The pictures shown feature a cut out of an SD1 placed on them to help visualize what it would look like on top of a body. The tops are big enough to fit on most body shapes we offer. The pieces listed here are available unless stated as SOLD. Please email to place an order and reserve one of these fine pieces for you next Mojo Body.

fm_002 - maple - 1/4" Flame Maple - Available

fm_003 - maple - 3/8" Flame Maple - Available

fm_007 - maple - 9/16" Flame Maple - Available

fm_008 - maple - 3/4" Flame Maple - Available

fm_009 - maple - 3/4" Flame Maple - Available

fm_004 - maple - 3/8" Quilt Maple - SOLD

fm_005 - maple - 3/4" Quilt Maple - SOLD

fm_006 - maple - 1/4" Flame Maple - SOLD


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